I’m very excited to talk about my cooperation with 8VENTURE today! When they contacted me a couple of weeks ago I was first a bit sceptical and thought ‘oh it’s ONE of these powders again’ but after browsing their website I was convinced that their idea and product is unique and I was looking forward to test it over a few weeks and I would like to share my experience with you.

 The product

8VENTURE contains of loads of good ingredients and 150g of their product equals 1.5 kilograms of fresh vegetables and fruits. Just to name a few of the ingredients: pea protein, inulin, broccoli, hemp protein, moringa, maca, spirulina, turmeric, acerola etc. It depends on your body weight how much of the powder you have to consume every day; you can mix it with water, juice or plant based milk. It’s 100% vegan and covers all your vitamins, minerals and protein per day. It’s perfect for an active lifestyle if you don’t have time to cook fresh every day and want to make sure your body gets all he needs.


How I used it

8VENTURE suggests to cover 50% or 100% of your daily nutrients with their powder. As I found the shake quite filling (I always mixed it with almond or soy milk) I swapped 1-2 meals / day with 8VENTURE. That means I would have it for breakfast, have a little snack around mid morning, have a salad for lunch, again a small snack in the afternoon and have another shake in the evening. By swapping 2 meals with the powder you will loose weight. I’m no diet supporter or want to force big weight loss. For me it was more about the 2 kilograms which I could happily loose before holiday kind of weight lost without being worried about lacking any vitamins, minerals and protein. You could easily mix the powder as a shake with bananas, avocado, spinach and just use the powder as an addition for your green shakes. Nevertheless, to really experience a difference, you should at least cover 50% with it. Scroll a bit further down and check my recipe.

What I think

I really enjoyed my month ‘with’ 8VENTURE. I definetly felt full with energy, didn’t experience tiredness and just felt happy knowing I’m covering all my need of vitamins, minerals and protein. I had a few stressful weeks in my job, and just knowing my nutrition sorted made me feel great. I really appreciate their kind of settled communication, they don’t overpromise on their product but still are confident what they produce is something unique and outstanding. So I would say, everyone who is interested in nutrition will love 8VENTURE.

Promo Code

With my promocode 1slicemore_8vntre you can save 25% on the starter set. The starter set contains Ultrafood for 30 days, a brochure, two different add-ons for berry and chocolate taste and a shaker for 59,25€, it doesn’t sound cheap but if you add up breakfast and dinner for one month you probably spend more than 59 € on it, don’t you?


The little jar on this post is made with 1/2 avocado, 6 scoops of 8VENTURE powder, 1/2 banana and 300ml almond milk. All mixed in a food blender! Add some more water in case the texture is too thick.

If you have any question, leave me a comment or drop me a mail oneslicemore@gmail.com.


Sarah x

PS. 8VENTURE sponsored me the products, but all I wrote is 100% my opinion!