Apricot Coconut Energy Balls

Sorry for being so absent on the blog recently! After settling in into the new job and new flat and realizing that time is flying more than ever, I finally find some time to update the blog. Spamming you with quite a few recipes now, hope you don’t mind. Let’s start with my new favorite Energy Balls! They are made of five ingredients only and taste so summery!


  • 100g dried apricot,
  • 50g ground almonds,
  • 50g oats and
  • 1 tsp almond butter

in a food blender for about 1-2 minutes. If you like it sweeter you can add 1 tsp of maple syrup.

Place 50g shredded coconut on a plate, roll the apricot almond texture into small balls with your hands and roll them in the shredded coconut. Place on a plate and store in the fridge. That’s all!