Cherry & Berry Bowl

Spring slowly arrives in Hamburg and warmer temperatures (okay, I’m exaggerating, not freezing = warm) bring back smoothie bowls to my breakfast table! I used some homemade granola as topping and some recipes on granola will come up soon. I can’t believe I haven’t baked my own granola for so long, it’s so easy and so much fun! The best is to bake a big batch which will last for the week or even better, bake two different flavors and mix and match them as you like!

For the smoothie bowl mix 1/2 cup cherries (I used frozen cherries but defrosted them over night in the fridge), 1 sliced and frozen banana, 1/2 cup raspberries and 1 cup almond yoghurt in a food blender and serve with granola (hooray!), berries and coconut chips.