Overnight Oats

With Overnight Oats you will have no excuse anymore for not having time for breakfast in the morning. Because you prepare them already the night before and all you need to do is to open the fridge and grab a very healthy choice as there is no suggar added and they are the perfect mix of protein and carbs. Breakfast is the most important meal for me, I don’t mind to skip lunch or dinner but I can’t imagine to skip breakfast.

How to make: For the overnight oats, I mix oats and milk in a 1:2 ration, so 100 g oats and 200 ml milk (soy, almond, normal…). It will look like there is too much milk but don’t worry, the oats will soak it in over night. Just place in the fridge and stir in the morning.

I add protein powder or vanilla seeds to the oats sometimes, try out cinnamon or any other spice you can think of!

Have it with berries or other fruit in the morning, for this recipe I mixed one banana with blueberries and a bit of yogurt in the food blender.