Food Photography

Hey guys, as I’m receiving many questions about my photography and what camera I’m using, I put together this little guide which hopefully gives you a helpful insight into my food photography and styling. I’m far away from being a professional photographer, neither using a great editing software – I think I found the perfect way for me to work on my private passion next to having a full-time job and spending enough time with friends and family. I guess when your heart is into something, others can see it and always remember – it’s all a learning process. You will find your personal style by trying different things and will become better every time you do it. And failing is part of it, not every picture or idea will work and sometimes having a break is the best you could do. And the great thing about food is, even if the pic doesn’t work out – you still have have something nice to eat!
1. Camera
I’ve started using the iPhone camera only and still doing it sometimes! But having a great camera is the best invest you could do, you will definetely see the difference in how the light is captured and how details shots can become. The camera I’m using is the Panasonic Lumix GH4 and the lense is an Olympic Zuiko Digital 12 – 40 mm. It’s my boyfriend camera who is using it for video production, so it might not be the most typical food-pic camera but I’m just loving it.
2. Backdrop
Look around your flat and kitchen if there might be a backdrop which works for your picture, that might be a table or a countertop. I went to a DIY shop and bought a piece of a grey countertop which they sold in their leftover section, its around 80×80 cm big and is basically the only backdrop I’m using. I like that it gives a consistency to my pics and is a great contrast to colourful food.
3. Light
There is nothing better than natural light. Full stop. Actually all my pics are made with natural light, I place the backdrop close to a window so the light falls in from the side. As the kitchen window is not located in a good place, I mostly using the window in the living room as it’s working the best. Move around to find your perfect place!
4. Preparation / Styling
When I start prepare a breakfast or meal, most the time I don’t have an exact idea in mind of how it will look like afterwards. It might be just an idea like “I want to do something with figs, strawberries…” or “I want to have a purple color” and the rest comes by itself. Using other bloggers and pinterest as an inspiration is always a good idea! In terms of styling I’m a minimalist and most times all I’m adding is a flower, a spoon or a bit of the ingredients. I really love other blogger’s pics which are very atmospheric and have a lot going on in the background, but for my pics, it’s simply not me. And so I keep the minimalistic pics up.
5. Angles
Try taking pictures from multiple angles. Some plates and bowls look better from above (which I find is the easiest way to take a pic), some from the side or at a 45-degree angle. Try every dish in different angle and you soon will find out what is working best for each plate, glas or bowl you are using.
6. Filters
As I’m using most of my pics for Instagram, I’m transferring them from the camera directly to my phone (most cameras have wifi, install the according app on your phone and you can access all pics from the camera on your phone). I work with the VSCO App on them, using the filter HYPEBEAST. On instagram itself I’m just changing the Lux a bit and that’s it! All in all it doesn’t take a lot of time and I do it most times in the mornings before heading to work. It’s a great way to start the day with doing something I really love.
If you have any more questions, drop me a message on Instagram or leave a comment here! Love to hear from you, Sarah xx