To give you an idea which kitchen equipment I use, which photography tools I work with and which books inspire me, find an overview here. I will add things from time to time.


Nutri Bullet

The Nutri Bullet is my favorite blender. It is perfect in size, has a great extraction power and is so easy so clean. You can drink directly from the glass and I have mine now for almost two years, using it sometimes more than once per day and it’s still going 🙂

Plus, it’s very affordable! Find it here.

NutriBullet nutrient extractors do more than just blend, they break down whole fruits and veggies to give you maximum nutrition.



Panasonic GH4 

The camera I use if the Panasonic Lumix GH4. It’s my boyfriends camera who bought it mainly for shooting videos, but I think, it’s a perfect camera for food photography too 😉 I’m not a professional photographer myself and I would say it’s also a great camera for beginners. Find it here.




I’m a cookbook addict and next to pinterest, other bloggers and instagram, they are my biggest inspiration. Find my current favorite here:

DELICIOUSLY ELLA – Every Day  Amazing recipes and so easy to make

PIP AND NUT – The Nut Butter Cookbook Oh, another addiction I have is nut butter. This book has inspiring recipes how to use it in different dishes

VEGAN GOODNESS Colorful recipes and a beautiful book to read

WHAT KATIE ATE Kind of classic, not all recipes are plant based but its a lovely book and I cook a lot from it

MINIMALIST BAKER’S EVERYDAY COOKING Over a 100 recipes and all very easy to prepare